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Common Ground // 2021 // app prototype, UX design, UI design

This app is designed to help medium-sized communities fight polarization, unify & work towards a common good. ​The app is split into three main categories: education, involvement, and your city. Common Ground would provide each user with their own learning and experience plan focusing on communities the user is not already a part of. As users continue their learning plans on the app, their opportunities for involvement in their city will expand, eventually bringing them to in-person events with other members of their community, specifically members they may have not otherwise met.​ The users will be incentivized by going to these events and continuing learning plans with coupons and discounts for businesses and restaurants in their city, both new and favorites.


I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO, one of the most polarized and segregated cities in the U.S. I think often, liberals who were raised in conservative states, and states with deep-rooted problems, it's natural to want to leave. But I love St. Louis. It's special, and it's my home. So, this app is just one idea of how to make it better, instead of turning my back on the place that made me who I am.

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