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Member of Mizzou's 20-person National Student Advertising Competition team. Lead in planning, designing and developing the final plans book for our team and supported the design of the 20-minute presentation.​


3 AAF-KC Addy Awards (2022)

NSAC District 9 First Place (2021)

6th in the 2021 National Student Advertising Competition

Don't worry, it's not you or your internet speed, that photo is fully loaded & pixelated on purpose.

Tinder won't allow us to share any of the work we spent a year working on...for students. But I've done my best to provide highlights of the process so you can get a sense of what it taught me.


The NSAC is judged by industry professionals who provided in-depth, anonymous, feedback on all aspects of our campaign at the district, semi-final and national levels. 


Selected is some of the feedback we received in the "Plans Book Execution" section.

↪Design is very clean and has a really nice hierarchy to it. The plan is easy to digest and the team did a great job of communicating a high-level of detail on each slide, while making it easy to read through and process."


↪Beautifully designed. For what it's worth, I absolutely loved the layout of the Table of Contents. Not only is it incredibly original, it really does a good job tying back to the overall idea."


↪This book was a breeze to read. That is the value of clean design. I really felt like it reflected your attitude with a splash of Tinder brand inside...Your numbers and stats were so well executed in this. Photo selections throughout were really on point"



A team of 20 presents many challenges but also many opportunities for growth and learning. I am very grateful to have been a part of something so special.


Anonymous peer evaluations were part of our capstone curriculum. Selected are some of the very kind words my peers had to say about my work as a member of our team.

↪I worked closely with Emma on writing and designing the plan book. She was always responsive and supportive. She was willing to make changes and take suggestions."


↪Emma dedicated herself to our plan book for weeks and did a beautiful job. She took on her role with professionalism and always met deadlines. A large part of success is due to her great work on the book."

↪Emma was the backbone of the plan book from a creative standpoint. She was really at the mercy of everything that had to be included in the book visually, content-wise, etc. And she was the only one with enough editorial skill to actually put this together so she really had to lead herself through it."



Working on our team's plans book was one of the biggest honors of my time at Mizzou. Though it's upsetting I can't show off the work that doesn't take away from the joy that this experience was. I wouldn't have wanted to end my time in college any other way. 

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